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Full Clip

All hair is completely removed from your horse, including the legs, head and ears. Ideal for
horses in heavy work.

Hunter Clip

All hair is removed, except the legs and normally half of the face. Also ideal for horses in heavy work, but the legs are left on to protect them from water and mud etc.

Trace/Irish Clip

The hair is removed from the neck and behind the elbows where the horse normally sweats, or the neck can be left on. Ideal for horses in light to medium work.

Blanket Clip

Hair is left on the horses legs, and so is the area where an exercise sheet would be. It is ideal for horses in light to medium work.

Half Face Lines

Mini Designs

We have no problem getting artistic and creating to specific ideas!

Mane Transformations

Mane pulling/tidying is performed using a variety of tools depending on the desired look. I normally use a combination of a mane comb, scissors and thinning blade.

free initial consultation

We will visit your stable free of charge, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the work required prior to commencing the job. Fill out your details below and we will be in touch to arrange your free visit.